Pronghorn Antelope

Unique game animals found exclusively in North America. Abundant throughout various areas of the West and Southwest, these animals are typical antelope in that they prefer to inhabit relatively open terrain where they can take advantage of their exceptional eyesight.   One thing that does separate pronghorn antelope from all other antelope species and all other horned ungulates is their horn structure. They are the only species to annually shed their horn sheath, and they are also the only animal to have a forked horn design. Pronghorn antelope are well known for their high speed mobility and commonly referred to as the fastest land mammal in North America, thus making pronghorn antelope hunting an exciting and challenging experience. A mature antelope buck may sport horns up to 17 inches in length but anything over 14 inches is considered desirable and most of our hunters take 14-16 inch antelope. Mature pronghorn bucks will normally weigh between 110-140 live weight.  Don't forget to ask about adding javelina to your hunt.